Tailor-made services for the sale
or rental of your property

Professional assessment

As a real estate professional, our experience and in-depth knowledge of the market allow us to determine the value of your property.

Following an on-site visit, we will provide you with a full valuation report within 48 hours.

During the visit, we will carry out a precise measurement with a laser rangefinder.

We will then proceed to an analysis of the various characteristics of the property such as the year of construction, the condition of the property, the quality of its equipment, the surface areas, the rationality of the spaces, and its various comfort elements.

We will also take into account the location of the property, the proximity of amenities (transport, shops, schools, etc.) and the quality of the environment.

We will then arrange a meeting with you in our agency to present the valuation report and answer any questions you may have.

This meeting will allow you to meet our team and discuss the marketing strategy for your property.

 the 24 hours!

Advertising & marketing

In order to give maximum visibility to your property, we will set up an optimal communication strategy. We will write a detailed advertisement in the 3 languages of the country. 

We distribute the ad in XL format on a maximum of sites specialising in real estate ads (Immoweb, Immovlan, Logic-Immo, etc.) as well as on our site www.direct-immo.be which has more than 10,000 visits per month.

We also use the power of social networks to increase the visibility of the ad (Instagram - FB - Twitter - Linkedin - Google ). We place a billboard on your property (subject to the owner's agreement). Our goal is to attract a maximum of candidates for your property!


Wide angle HDR photos

The quality of the real estate photos is crucial to attracting candidates for your property.

At Direct Immo, we use the latest technology in photography: HDR technology. This technology allows the same scene to be captured several times with different exposure settings, allowing the different shots to be superimposed on each other to create a very high quality final image .

We couple this technology with a wide angle shot, which allows us to highlight all the space your property has.

This technology is a "must " to highlight your property and trigger the desire to visit it.

We'll make your property stand out!

2D & 3D drawings

In addition to the eye-catching photos, the property ads are accompanied by a 2D and 3Dplan. 

These plans allow visitors to identify the full potential of the property. This overview will enable them to understand the distribution of rooms and surface areas and will allow them to plan their future development.

The 2D and 3D plans allow for a much richer customer experience on the ads.

Administrative management

Selling or renting a property requires numerous steps, which is why calling on our real estate agency will allow you to benefit from all our expertise to carry out all the administrative steps. 

We will take care of gathering all the documents necessary for the marketing of your property (title deeds, urban planning information, cadastral research, organisation of the establishment of EPB and electrical certificates, enquiries from the syndic (in the case of co-ownership)...   

Whether you are buying or selling, we can provide you with full assistance throughout your property project.

Customer portfolio

Direct Immo has a large customer database of nearly 15,000 potential candidates who are actively looking for properties to buy or rent. This database allows us to instantly propose your property to candidates whose search criteria correspond to the characteristics of the property for sale or rent. 

This connection speeds up the marketing process and enables us to find a candidate for your property very quickly. 

Management of visits & negotiation of offers

We manage all the appointments and organise the visits of your property.

On this occasion, our real estate agents answer the questions of the candidates and then collect & negotiate the offers of sale or promises to rent at the best prices, so that you only have to accept the one that will correspond to you best.

Signing of compromise, deed of sale or lease contract

Once you have accepted an offer from a prospective buyer or tenant, we take care of the final administrative steps for you.

We will organise the signing of the provisional sales agreement and/or the lease contract and we will finalise the sale by accompanying you until the signing of the notarial deed at the notary's office.

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