We manage your property assets on a daily basis!

                        We provide administrative, technical and financial management of your property  

Renting out

Selection of prospective tenants, credit check, drafting and signing of the lease, setting up of the rental guarantee, entry inventory, EPB (Energy Performance of Buildings) certificate, registration of the lease, transfer of energy/metering.

In the process of being rented

Regular monitoring of the relationship with the tenant, monitoring of rent and service charge collections, indexation of rents, reminder and collection procedures in the event of unpaid rent, site monitoring in the event of works, insurance management, disputes and claims.

Lease exit

Inventory of fixtures, release of the rental guarantee, recovery of energy/metering, site supervision in the event of works, re-letting of the property.

What are the advantages of rental management for a landlord?

By entrusting us with the management of your real estate assets, you delegate to us all the duties and obligations of daily management. As a result, we become your sole contact person / point of contact with regard to

  • of the tenant
  • external service providers (tradesmen, contractors, trustees, management boards, energy suppliers, insurers, etc.)
  • the other co-owners (in the case of an apartment building)
  • administrative services (town planning, land registry, registration, taxes, etc.)

Monitoring rent payments is our priority. We are committed to strict monitoring of due dates and apply a systematic reminder procedure to reduce the risk of non-payment.
Entrusting us with your property assets, in a real estate context that is increasingly complex at various levels (legislation, technical constraints, etc.), is the assurance of benefiting from our expertise and professionalism by virtue of our IPI accreditation

In addition, we always act in your best interests, in a transparent manner and in accordance with good practice.

In short, we guarantee you 100% peace of mind with our rental management service. You don't have to worry about anything, we take care of everything.

Our rental management contract is clear and transparent

You know in advance what you are going to pay, there are no nasty surprises.


Our rental management formula, which includes all the services listed above, is designed to guarantee transparency of the costs of managing your property. Our management fees are calculated on the basis of the annual rental amount excluding charges + 21% VAT, according to a fixed percentage which is 8% of the rental amount.

Who are the clients likely to use our rental management services?

Any landlord who wants to enjoy the benefits of rental income without the hassle of everyday life!

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